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Supply & Delivery

Supply & Delivery

Our warehouse is a modern, up-to-date structure with a capacity of approximately 2,000m², facilitating the prompt and efficient movement of inventory.

The staff in this facility all have warehouse and distribution backgrounds and experience, so are well versed in the importance of accuracy and speed, ensuring each section runs efficiently. It is split into 3 areas being receiving; Inventory and Dispatch with each area controlled by a supervisor and are overseen by a warehouse manager. All stock receipts and dispatch are controlled in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Personnel receive on-going training relative to requirements including machinery.

Maintaining adequate stock levels on site and in our warehouse is important. These levels are based on estimated usage of products by our customers. Inbound stock is monitored to ensure it is received within the required time frame and compliance.

Our company remains responsible for direct deliveries. Delivery times on diverse items will differ based on requirements. Timely and accurate deliveries are important and co-ordination is necessary to ensure a comprehensive schedule to suit the customer. We utilize appropriate courier companies to perform the deliveries throughout Kenya. Our Business director is a qualified Medical Technologist and therefore understands the logistics.